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Gratitude Confetti Blue Journal with Stickers Non Dated 52 Week

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Confetti Party Gratitude Journal with Stickers.

Train Your Brain to Find the GOOD! Spending just a few minutes each day with the Gratitude Finder Journal will help brighten your thoughts and focus on the good people, experiences, places...every day! Whether it's for yourself, family, friends, co-workers, teachers, or someone you know who could use a little lift in spirits, the Gratitude Finder is the perfect tool to prompt (& perpetuate) positivity.

Features You'll Love in the Gratitude Finder Gratitude Journal:
52 non-dated weekly spreads with brilliantly colorful layouts, so you can start,/restart whenever you want 165 hand illustrated smile provoking stickers Random Act of Kindness (R.A.K.) section every week as a reminder even the littlest acts of kindness are kind of a big deal.
Perfectly sized to take with you, tuck in a desk drawer, or set on your nightstand.
Brilliantly stylish to display on a shelf for safekeeping for years.
Laminated tabs every 3 months with quote space for reflection.
Elastic strap to keep it all together or bookmark your spot.
Water resistant, wipe clean durable hardcover.   

Specifications: Total: 52 weekly spreads + 4 laminated tabs
Sticker count: 165 assorted stickers
Actual size: 8.75 x 6.75 x .5 inches
Bindery: white metal twin coil
Weight: 12 oz.